Having a unique and personalized wedding is what everyone wants for their special day.  This is what we love to provide for our clients. Our team are experts at customizing designs.  Let us share with you the 5-step process we use to create the “WOW” factor for every event that we create for our clients.

Step 1 Concept: Creating a custom look and style for our client’s event begins with the concept.  This is your inspiration.  It can be anything that inspires you.  A pattern from fabric, a piece of jewelry, a color palette, your story together as a couple, even your favorite flower.  Truly anything can help us start the vision process.  Together we take your concept and move to collaboration.

Step 2 - Collaboration: Once we know what inspires both of you, and your vision for your event we collaborate.  Together we find the right elements and florals we put them together, bringing to life what you envisioned for your event.  This is the fun stuff, picking colors, textures, vessels, and other elements to use in the design.  

Step 3 - Customize: Every wedding should be one of a kind, unique to the couple. Customization is where we make that happen. You give us the concept, we will make it your own. Your event designer with brainstorm with you, our team of floral designers, and master craftsmen to create your design.  Together we will search our inventory, our resources, or even custom make design elements, to put your unique signature on the vision of your special day.

Step 4 - Creation: An impeccable attention to detail is a team effort.  The teams come together to make the magic happen.  The design team bring your vision to life. Our logistic team makes sure everything gets where it needs to be.  Finally, the event team executes your design, making sure that every element is perfect, and your events décor is flawless.

Step 5 - Completion: This is the best part.  What the process is all about, we all get to step back and take in the beautiful event we created together, from concept to completion, the journey together was all worth it.  Seeing the end result and making our clients happy is our goal.

We are here to make this an easy and enjoyable experience.  Let us know how we can create a one of a kind experience for you. Below you will find a brief guide on how to prepare for your consultation.